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it's not who you are

we're here to show you it's about who you're not!

Welcome home family!

What is T.I.P.I.?

Since February 2021, The Indigenous People International (T.I.P.I.) Ministries is a tax exempt tax deductable Private Tribal Spiritual Organization formed for the empowerment of Indigenous People around the globe.

Our Mission

You didn’t land here by chance. So we welcome you to the Whatitiri (Thunder) Nation. The Indigenous People International (T.I.P.I.) Ministries is an organization formed solely for the embetterment and education of the original habitants of these lands that occupy the world.

The Whatitiri Nation has a bold vision that we currently believe will last generations. It is with this belief and with the Great Spirit, that we have written our mission statement as well as our Constitution.

Our Ministers

This tribal organization will have many ministers that will help lead our community. As we are just beginning our official journey, we aren’t at full capacity. Nevertheless T.I.P.I.’s Founding Ministers, four minkos (chiefs), will always be. Look forward to some of their sermons! To get to know who our ministers are, please click the button below.

TIPI Online Community

Our Tribal “Facebookish” Community

Our Latest Products

We thank you in advance for the donations you may give for these products. We hope you enjoy.

Do you need Tribal Designs?

We have your back!

We’re here to help all Indigenous people. So whether you’re a member of ours or not, if you need a replacement or a new design/service, we can definitely help! We offer an array of products and/or services that more than likely will cover your needs. If not, please contact us and we should be able to accommodate.

A few of our offerings

  • Responsive Tribal Websites
  • Enhanced Tribal I.D. Cards (printed as well)
  • Tribal Baptismal Certificates
  • And more!

Would you like to donate to T.I.P.I.?

Join T.I.P.I.

Ready for the  journey?

In order to do so, it requires the T.I.P.I. Tribal Enrolled Membership Package. Which requires a continued membership to maintain your enrollment status and access to the TIPI online and offline community. This package also includes the Indigenous Identity Package class for FREE.