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for Oculus Quest 2

The money meditation room is a place where you can strengthen your subconscious mind to bring more money in your life. Take a look around the room, repeat the words and allow more money to flow into your life.

Enjoy our 3d version that may allow your subconscious to work even better than our other versions. Use the trigger buttons on your Quest 2 controllers to pull the currency and energy to you. They will reset and you can do it as many times as you please. The more the better!

Money makes the world go round and we all need it. Some of us struggle with keeping money in our lives. But now by using our intentions and our mind, money has never been easier to draw to yourself. In 2020 we released a picture that can help draw money to you through your subconscious mind. We took this picture and turned it into a room where you can meditate and be grateful that money is always coming to you.


We cannot say definitively that you will get more money by using this, but we can that we’ve had rave reviews for our paper version. We believe it’ll only increase your chances with this by physically pulling the energies to you, while encompassing your subconscious within the space designed to do just that.

While holding your Oculus Quest 2 controller, use the trigger (button on the handle) to pull it to you. When you let it go, the currency will go through a cool down period and then reappear in the location you pulled it from.

We currently only offer this on the Oculus platform, for your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

Depending on demand, we may consider creating this on another platform.