The Dream Enhancer Spell

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The dream enhancer is a picture spell that can enhance your dreams to the point of being lucid. Many people email me about not remembering their dream and asked me to create something to help. The dream enhancer has many powerful hidden symbols and geometry in it to make this work. Trust me I have already tried it out myself. One of these symbols in the picture is the hyper cube (tesseract) which is literally a fourth dimensional symbol. The hyper cube will help to transport your consciousness back and fourth to the higher realms in the fourth dimension and enhance your dreams. There are two ways to use this picture.

How to Use:
The first way is to print the picture out and sleep with it under your pillow.
The best way to use this picture is to print it out on transparent paper and sleep with it under your pillow. Using transparent paper will greatly enhance the power of the picture. There is no activation needed besides these instructions.

After purchase, please download the file that is listed in the email of confirmation that you will receive.


1 review for The Dream Enhancer Spell

  1. Isaias Almonte

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